Merchant of Vino

Decanting Instructions

Important Information
All wines in our cellar are stored under environmentally controlled conditions, maintained at 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. They have been kept in this state since their release. Red wines are best enjoyed at room temperature, which is 65 to 69 degrees. Therefore, all wines from our cellar need to be awakened slowly to ensure optimal flavor. We highly recommend allowing the wines to stand upright at room temperature (no less than 65 degrees) for a minimum of three days.

We also recommend using a two-prong cork puller to extract the corks of aged wines, as older corks are more delicate.

Cork Puller:
For rare antique vintages, such as a St. Estephe 1927 or a Romanie-Conti 1937, it is crucial not to pierce the old cork. Instead, pry it gently to prevent crumbling. A two-prong cork puller is most efficient for this task. Insert the longer of the two flat, flexible blades between the cork and the bottle, and wiggle it gently downward until the shorter piece enters the other side. Gentle tugging while rocking the cork back and forth will extricate it easily from the bottle.

Decanting Definition:
Decanting is the process of separating sediment from wine before drinking. This is achieved by slowly and carefully pouring the wine from its bottle into another container. The longer the bottle sits upright in the same spot, the better the decanting results.

Decanting Process:
Wines aged 10 years or older should be decanted. Fine reds with bottle age produce natural sediment as color pigments and tannins bond together and fall out of solution. Decanting separates the clear wine from the sediment.

For best results, place the bottle upright in the location where it will be served for a minimum of 24 hours (up to seven days is ideal).

Remove the capsule and cork.
With a light source (such as a candle or flashlight) under the neck of the bottle, pour the wine into a clean vessel in a single, steady motion.
Stop pouring once you see the sediment reach the neck of the bottle.
The wine is now ready to enjoy.

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