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 With over 150 years of experience in the winemaking industry, the Rothschild family are simply the most famous name in wine. Whilst not establishing a direct presence in Champagne until 2003, they have had an interest in the region since 1945, beginning with an investment in Champagne Ruinart. This was sold to LVMH in 1963, but the family returned in 1966, purchasing shares in Champagne Henriot, a partnership that lasted until 1988. The family’s love affair with Champagne was subsequently put on hold until 2003, when the three Rothschild cousins, Baron Benjamin, Baron Eric and Baroness Philippine came together with a single ambition: to combine the best terroirs with their know-how and finally add champagne to Rothschild’s heavy portfolio of wines. Thus, Champagne Barons de Rothschild was born

Impressive growth – the likes of which only a name like Rothschild can generate in such a short space of time – has seen industry veteran Frédéric Mairesse join as Managing Director and Jean-Philippe Moulin (previously at Champagne Ruinart) take over as Cellar Master. With a focus on Chardonnay grapes, the house have managed to secure contracts to an impressive 72 hectares of vineyard, with 50% located in Grand Cru rated Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Premier Cru rated Vertus.

In 2007, the House further cemented their long-term intentions with the establishment of a new winery, Chateau Rothschild. Still a relatively small operation (25-60 hL), all parcels are kept separate and the production of the highest quality Champagne is ensured by using only the ‘vin de cuvée’ (the first 80% and the purest juice produced from grape pressing), using a minimum 40% reserve wines in their non-vintage blends and using a low dosage in all cuvées.

Barons de Rothschild began selling their Champagne in 2009, initially targeting the Japanese and German markets due to their recognition of the Rothschild name. After Japan, they next focused on Switzerland and Belgium as a result of Rothschild family connections and experienced great success in both markets. They now export to 70 countries worldwide and produce over 500,000 bottle annually – an astounding number for a company with only a decade of history. Their first vintage blend – Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2006 – was released in 2015 and last year they announced that two specially created cuvées will be produced exclusively for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group.

Now firmly accepted as a serious name in Champagne, we met with Frédéric Mairesse during the London Wine Fair at Olympia to taste Champagne Barons de Rothschild’s full range.

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