Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel

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 Elmer T. Lee was one of the great Master Distillers of Buffalo Trace for 36 years, before retiring in 1985 and passing in 2013. As the pioneer of mass produced single barrel bourbons, Elmer was responsible for bringing the first mass produced single barrel for consumers, also known as Blanton’s, to market and was eventually honored by Buffalo Trace with his own single barrel bourbon. This particular single barrel used Buffalo Trace’s #2 mashbill which is a high rye (~15%).


Fresh baked bread, cream soda, soft oak, and touches of coconut and cinnamon form a sophisticated aroma that is gentle in its intensity, yet immediately makes an impression. Far from acting like a blunt object, the nose is welcoming by presenting a gentle mix of enjoyable bakery and ice cream shop like scents. For its proof, it is a surprisingly layered and constantly interesting aroma that simply works on all levels.


Noticeably thin and light on the sip, what the bourbon lacks in intensity, it makes up for with finesse. There’s a touch of strawberry sweetness that offers moments of excitement, but it’s the bourbon’s elegant display of soft aged oak, cigar leaf, light brown sugar, and fruit cake that make a lasting impression. Largely a traditional yet refined experience, the palate will reward those who take the time to explore it.


Dry and a bit astringent at moments, the finish fails to make an immediate good impression. It’s much too straightforward presenting light flavor variety, focusing solely on classic bourbon flavors of vanilla and oak. It’s only after some time that the finish slowly opens up and offers a gentle red fruit aftertaste. While it might fall into the too-little-too late category, it saves the finish from falling flat and lands it in the satisfactory category by the end.


When Elmer T. Lee was originally released, there weren’t as many single barrel bourbons on the market as there are today, and this helped it stand out from its competitors. Of course it is a different story today, where almost every major brand offers a single barrel product.

Despite Elmer T. Lee’s single barrel moniker, the bourbon itself has never been a particularly exciting bourbon. Yet, as Buffalo Trace started to heavily allocate it, it became an elusive must-have bourbon with an almost mythical reputation. Adequate quality and a classic bourbon flavor profile carried the bourbon well over the years and proved not every bourbon needs to be flashy in order to make a lasting impression. Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon remains just that: as elegant as ever, but also as familiar as ever.

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