Macallan Edition #3

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Macallan Edition No. 3 Review

Colour: deep copper.

On the nose: warming heather honey melted over creamy porridge. Slightly lighter than the Ed. 2, becoming more citrusy, floral in places on the high notes. Baked orchard fruits with cinnamon, nutmeg and maple syrup. The dried fruits come: sultanas, apricots; fresh, perhaps more elegant and perfumed.  Peaches. Fresh apricots now. Mango. Toffee fudge, then lightly toasted wholemeal bread. Multiple layers. Jasmine. Strawberry jam and cream.

In the mouth: velvety, but not too cloying. Toffee fudge. Heather honey, moving into mead territory. More intensely raisin-based, with orange marmalade, ginger and lemon juice. Quite a spritely little thing. Back to golden syrup, much more vanilla. In the middle: herbal notes, sage and thyme. Apricots. Crabapple jelly. Brown sugar. A lovely woody warmth that isn’t at all harsh or tannic: nutmeg here, with a wisp of peppermint or fennel perhaps on the finish. There’s a lovely lightness, a freshness about the whole thing. The nose is better than the taste – ironic given this was a partnership with a master perfumer.

Sweet fruit, vanilla and rich fruit cake with suggestions of apricot, pear and crisp green apple flavors. Hints of ginger and cinnamon are balanced with a light resinous oak finale. Long, sweet and fruity finish, leaving a lasting impression on the senses.

The Macallan Edition No. 3 is the latest release in this innovation annual Series. Like preceding releases, Edition No.3 is an exploration into their approach to whisky making, exposing the detail of its creation, and offering true transparency. Inspiration and innovation lie at the heart of The Macallan and nowhere is this more evident than with the Edition Series.

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