Schramms Chrissie batch #1

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 Chrissie balances the flavors of bright, juicy red currants, earthy, robust black currants and California True Source Certified orange blossom honey. This mead pairs beautifully with black pepper rubbed sirloin, a citrus salad or your favorite Kenneth McKellar song.

 On Nine Mile Road in the town of Ferndale, Michigan sits what many consider to be today’s mecca for mead. Ken Schramm, who first opened Schramm’s in 2013, is the “compleat” meadmaker to those who have been able to enjoy his craft. Throughout the years, Ken has been able to use his drive for success to craft some of the most delicate and distinct fruited and spiced meads out there.

Since co-founding the Mazer Cup Invitation in 1992, Ken has been at the forefront of the mead industry. Even after all of the success, he’s in no way slowing down. Whether it’s researching new fruits, looking into barrel aging, or increasing production, Ken Schramm is continuously setting the bar higher. I sat down with Ken to discuss how he first got interested in mead, his thoughts on a mead boom, and what’s in store for Schramm’s in 2016.

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Weight 5 lbs
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Properly Cellar; Distinguished Provenance


750 ml


Ferndale MI.


Batch #1 2019